Report: Prometheus Sequel Moving Forward

Hey, maybe it won’t be terrible this time.

Variety is reporting that Fox and Ridley Scott’s production company are getting close to signing an agreement for a sequel to 2012’s Prometheus. Thankfully, this installment will have nothing to do with Damon Lindelof. According to Variety’s report, the current favorite to try and salvage the Alien franchise is relative unknown Jack Palgen.

Variety describes Palgen thusly:

He’s the man behind Wally Pfister‘s currently-filming directorial debut, the AI thriller Transcendence. He has a similar reputation for individual sci-fi thinking as Jon Spaihts, author of the first draft of the first Prometheus.

Here’s hoping they either leave the stinking corpse where they buried it, or manage to turn the ship around. Because another film as bad as Prometheus might just kill the property entirely.



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